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Minnesota Asphalt Driveway Repairs

Asphalt Crack Filling and Patching MN

Erickson Asphalt Services is the industry leader in paving and asphalt work. We attained this coveted position by using the finest materials available, state of the art equipment, the most up to date techniques, and employing only highly skilled professionals. But even with all of these assets, your asphalt parking lot or driveway will still breakdown and eventually deteriorate – especially here in Minnesota where ice, snow and temperature variance is brutal on asphalt!

Even though we provide the longest and best warranty in the industry your asphalt parking lot or driveway will still develop potholes and cracks that need to patched or filled. Frost heaves and expansion/contraction of the ground are the biggest culprits for cracking. And if there happens to be any type of electrical line or plumbing beneath the surface, cracking is unavoidable.

Asphalt crack filling and asphalt patching, when done properly, will extend the life of an asphalt driveway or asphalt parking for many, many years. Asphalt crack filling and patching is truly an art, and Erickson Asphalt Services has the artists to do your job right. But the most important part is addressing the problem early, when the cracks and potholes are just beginning to present themselves.

At that point our premium crack filler can fill the crack with a rubberized formula that allows some expansion room for the ground to do what it normally does, and leave you with a clean unbroken surface.

If you are concerned about crack or potholes please contact us immediately! We would be more than happy to come out, assess the problem and provide you with a free estimate for filling or patching.


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