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Affordable Gravel Driveways in Minnesota

Gravel provides an excellent and durable driveway surface. While they are not as popular as asphalt driveways, gravel driveways do have their place and their advantages.

Gravel is not the most elegant of driveway surfaces, but it is the cheapest. And if you are trying to stay within a budget, gravel is a very viable and practical option.

Due to their cost effectiveness, gravel driveways are an excellent option in rural areas, where driveways can be exceptionally long, or in residential neighborhood where a strict home improvement budget may allow few other options. Another nice feature of a gravel driveway is that it can always be paved over at a later date.

Gravel Driveways; Low Maintenance for MN Weather!

Gravel driveways also have a lower installation cost and they are much easier to maintain, since you never have to worry about cracking and surface heaving. But make no mistake about it, gravel driveways require thoughtful planning and professional installation and preparation of the road bed to ensure that they drain water efficiently and don’t just turn into a soupy mess early in the spring or after a heavy rain. Also be mindful of the fact that we live in Minnesota where snow is inevitable and gravel is not the simplest surface for snow removal.

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The bottom line is: whatever your driveway needs or budget might be, Erickson Asphalt Services is the leader among asphalt driveway contractors and gravel driveway contractors. Our skill, experience, and history of high quality work and customer service set us apart from the crowd. So contact us and let us show you what we can do with a free estimate.


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