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New Asphalt Paving

Newly paved asphalt surfaces are designed to provide all weather use

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Product Description

Newly paved asphalt surfaces are designed to provide all weather use. The aesthetics of any property are enhanced by the clean, smooth look of professional constructed pavement. Safety is enhanced by minimizing tripping hazards. Dust control is improved, snow removal is quicker and easier as asphalt retains heat expediting the melting process and maintenance requirements are drastically reduced. Asphalt paving falls into two categories: New Construction and Replacement of Existing Asphalt.

New Construction

As the name implies, new construction is the building of new asphalt surfaces. First, excavation and grading of the area are performed as necessary to establish desired grade and drainage. In some instances a "geotextile" fabric is placed on top of the sub-base as a seperation barrier. Then, an aggregate base course is placed and compacted. Finally, an appropriately designed asphalt mix is applied to present a furnished surface suitable for the desired use. Some of the considerations that your Erickson Asphalt representative can review with you are, the budget, intended use, site drainage, permits, existing utility location, lot striping, access to the area for removing dirt and receiving the base course.

Grade is always checked prior to finish to ensure proper drainage.

Replacement of Existing Asphalt

Deterioration of asphalt usually occurs for three reasons, lack of adequate maintenance, severe use or simply living past it's life expectancy. At this point, old pavement may need to be removed and replaced with new asphalt or refurbished with one of the following options: Overlay or Removal and Replacement.


An asphalt overlay is a new layer of asphalt, one to three inches in thickness, applied over the existing asphalt surface. The existing asphalt may need to be "milled" in certain areas to provide proper drainage and grade of the project. The surface needs to be properly cleaned and all grass edges cut back before installing the new layer of asphalt. "Tack" is applied to assist in adhering the new layer of asphalt.

Removal and Replacement

Subgrade deficiences may require complete removal of all or part of the pavement and base material. These materials are excavated and removed from the site. New aggregate base is brought in and compacted as needed for a proper base. New asphalt is then laid and compacted with vibratory rollers to finish the project. Unknown or pre-existing conditions in the sub-base such as excess moisture, shallow utility lines, improper base material or a sub-base that was installed incorrectly may require additional steps in the base preparation of your project. These conditions often cannot be detected until the old pavement has been removed. Your Erickson Asphalt representative can recommend the most effective methods to resolve these conditions at that time. All of Erickson Asphalt project estimators are thoroughly trained to review your paving project and prepare a cost effective solution to your asphalt surfacing needs.

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