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Minnesota Asphalt Parking Lots

An asphalt parking lot is, in many ways, an engineering marvel, especially here in the state of Minnesota.

In our consultation we will talk about the land on which you want the parking lot installed, determine the parking lot’s uses, and the dimensions and thickness of the asphalt pad based on the size and number of vehicles you need to accommodate. The thickness of the asphalt pad may vary in different locations based on the weight of the vehicles that will be using it. Areas where you have loading docks attracting trucks and heavy equipment will be much thicker than those where only cars will be parked. We also need to make sure the ground is firm enough and does not have soft spots or wet areas that could collapse under vehicle weight or create problems due to the freeze/thaw cycle of Minnesota winters. Our plan will be carefully drawn to allow for efficient snow removal, meet your budget, and provide you with the capacity and shape you require (we do not want you to pay for parking lot space you do not need and will not use).

Long Lasting, Durable Asphalt Parking Lots in MN

Once the plans are approved the work begins, and at Erickson Asphalt Services our work is all about quality, craftsmanship, and durability. On average we use 25% more material than any other company. We use a 4 inch gravel base consisting of the highest quality gravel available, because what goes underneath is just as important as what goes on top.

Our asphalt is lab tested to insure that is not so hard that it becomes brittle and not so soft that it will dent or rut in the heat of summer. The base and asphalt pad are meticulously graded to insure proper drainage which will add years to the life of your parking lot. Our state of the art equipment permits us to do the job quickly and properly, creating only a minimal amount of inconvenience for you, your customers and your employees.

The job is not finished until the parking lot meets your specifications. We also make sure the area in clean and restored to the way it was the day before we got there. Then we leave you with the best and longest warranty in the industry to make sure you have nothing to worry about for years to come!. Contact Erickson Asphalt for your free estimate today!

Minnesota Gravel Parking Lots

A gravel parking lot is an excellent option to an asphalt parking lot. Many of our customers choose gravel over asphalt for a variety of reasons, whether it be cost, size, type of traffic, or that they just prefer gravel. At Erickson Asphalt Services we use the same careful planning, preparation and construction standards that we use with asphalt. If a gravel parking lot is what you are considering we are the ones you need to call. With a 20 year history in the business we have gained access to a wide variety of top quality aggregates for every type of application and to fit every budget. We install our gravel parking lots to the highest standards, guaranteeing you a durable, high quality product that will serve you well and lower your maintenance costs in the future.

Our quality control specialists monitor and test product performance before, during and after construction to maintain consistency and guarantee your satisfaction. So contact us for a free estimate! Our experienced and insightful estimators would more than happy to work with you in planning and creating the exact parking lot you need, with whatever budget you have to work with!

Minnesota Parking Lot Striping and Marking Service

Striping and marking is the finishing touch to a beautifully designed and installed asphalt parking lot. The bright colors of the striping and marking on the rich black asphalt are really a thing of beauty. In addition, those bright colors are critical to directing people safely around your parking area. Crosswalks, stop bars, loading zone markings, and properly marked pickup areas inform both drivers and pedestrians where they can safely drive and walk, when to give right of way to traffic and what areas to avoid.

A thoughtfully planned parking lot is design to accommodate the most cars possible. The striping and marking is the final piece in meeting this goal and creating the cost of effectiveness you want!

Erickson Asphalt Services always uses high quality products and the appropriate equipment to guarantee an exceptional finished product.

Perhaps most important of all is the fact that we stay current regarding state codes and laws for handicapped parking and stall sizes. All of this skill, knowledge and pride has worked together for over 20 years to make Erickson Asphalt Services the leader in the parking lot surfacing, striping and marking industry. Please contact us for your free parking lot estimate.

Parking Lot Sweeping Service MN

It is our business to make the parking lot of your business look good! A Minnesota winter deposits lots of sand, chemicals and debris in a parking lot. As much as we enjoy watching that last pile of snow melt, we know it leaves a large, unsightly mess in its wake.

When that happens you need to call Erickson Asphalt Service to schedule a spring cleaning and parking lot sweeping. Our professionals will be more than happy to work with you in scheduling a time when little or no traffic impedes the process. This will not only permit us to do the kind of job we can be proud, but it also allows us to create a minimum amount of inconvenience for you, your customers, and your employees.

Once the parking lot sweeping is complete you will be amazed at how good your parking lot looks!! Contact us now to either schedule a parking lot sweeping, or have one of our professionals stop by and give you a free estimate!

Parking Lot Repairs and Replacements in Minnesota

Let The Experts at Erickson Asphalt Help You!

These are the age old questions that are asked about every parking lot: Can it be repaired or does it need to be replaced? And how much will it cost?

The professionals at Erickson Asphalt Services are the ones who can help you answer these important questions. And we would be more than happy to have someone stop by free of charge, evaluate your parking lot, and provide you with the facts and figures you need to make an informed decision.

Stop speculating and stop guessing! Contact Erickson Asphalt Services for a free estimate. Then you can rest assured that whatever decision you make will be the right one!

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